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The Wall Street Journal -

“The competing tensions in Dr. Kerstetter’s life are central themes in “Crossings.” A Native American who serves in a U.S. Army cavalry unit. Hands trained to heal, but also to kill. Old enough to be his fellow soldiers’ father, but with them in battle as a brother. Combat medicine is heroic work. It’s also often soul-crushing, as when Dr. Kerstetter treats a young Hutu woman and her baby in a refugee camp. The woman, shot through the chest by Tutsi forces, needs to have her arm and right breast removed. But she refuses the surgery, concerned that it will leave her unable to care for her baby. She dies three days later. This is a book that is grave and pensive, but always engaging.”

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“Kerstetter has written a fascinating and nuanced edge-of-your-seat tale about the humanity of medicine amidst the inhumanity of war. Your heart will be pounding on every page. I couldn’t put this wonderful book down.”
Matt McCarthy – The Real Doctor Will See You Shortly

“Jon Kerstetter has written a gripping story that serves as a harsh reminder of the gritty reality of war and the pain of personal loss. More than that, however, this book is an inspirational tale of the resilience of the human spirit that will linger in your mind and heart long after you put it down.” Ken Isaacs, Vice President, Samaritan’s Purse

Goodreads Review

“What makes this work truly amazing is the fact that Kerstetter suffered a stroke after returning from Iraq and experienced a variety of cognitive barriers. His sheer persistence in writing such a beautiful book is something to admire. In his words: “I am that person who, by the force of loss, has had to learn the force of resilience. At times I was defeated and adrift. But I learned to keep pushing against the boundaries that emerged, the real and the imagined, crossing them where I could…” (p. 335).
Kerstetter’s story is that of one Midwestern life, but it is also the story of humanity pushing boundaries, seeking more, and dreaming big dreams.”

Christine Barth, Librarian at Scott County Library System