New Centurion Veteran’s Conference

July, 2018, Iowa City, IA
A bold and engaging conference organized by combat veterans for combat veterans and their spouses. Be prepared to focus on the mission of personal development.

About The Conference

The New Centurion Veteran’s Conference has one thing in mind – offering practical solutions to issues facing modern warriors and their families. Conference presenters are veterans and experts dedicated to a holistic approach to personal growth and resiliency.

About The Audience

This inaugural conference is open to combat veterans and their families. Single veterans may bring a friend. The conference is limited to thirty (fifteen veterans and their spouses or a friend) so please register early. There is no cost to attend and dinner is included.

Short Format Talks

The conference uses short and informative talks much like the TED™ talks format. No droning lectures here. Just practical talks by seasoned veterans and presenters…. And we’ll have some fun and interaction.

Four main talks will be followed by two breakout sessions to allow for more in-depth discussion. The topics include personal resiliency, health and healing, financial strategies, and family and spiritual growth. The idea is to integrate ideas central to a healthy body, mind and sprit.

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Featured Talks & Speakers

Jon Kerstetter, MD started his military career as a medical officer in the Iowa Army National Guard. He is the veteran of three combat deployments during Operation Iraqi Freedom and has taught emergency medicine and practiced disaster relief medicine in Bosnia, Kosovo, Rwanda and Honduras. After returning home from injures during his third tour in Iraq, he suffered a career-ending stroke. During his nearly ten years of stroke recovery he earned his MFA in creative writing and has published his memoir about his experiences and his rehabilitation.
Oct. 13 — 11:12 PM

Michael Hall, PhD

Neuropsychologist, VA Iowa City

New ideas in PTSD and Cognitive Therapy

Dinner Speaker 6:00 pm Friday, July 20, 2018

Jon R Kerstetter, MD  Col, IAARNG (ret)

Resiliency and Personal Transformation



Bob Refus, CPA

Brainstorming Financial Health

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